One World Everybody Eats Cafe is an idea whose time has come. Upon entering you will notice a sign,

Ways to eat at One World:

1. Create a plate, donate a fair, respectable amount similar to other restaurants.

2. Please be fair: if you are on a smaller budget, ask for a plate for $ X amount.

3. Volunteer and earn a meal. One hour gets a meal and children with you get to eat with you.

4. The Complimentary Dish with no financial obligation.

This house-turned-cafe has an open kitchen so you are able to see the food being prepared as well as talk with the chefs and workers. The food is laid out buffet style. As you select a bowl or plate from the mismatched dishes, a humble home feeling comes over you. There are no frills, no bells and whistles, just a good, organic variety of “home cooked” food where you can pick and choose your fare a la carte.

The menu is different every day and is based on what foods are locally available for the budget. One World can teach a lesson or two on economizing. Make do with what you have — a great idea for the economic crisis this country is undergoing. The side dishes may not complement the entree by culinary standards, but it is a smorgasbord of good quality, healthy whole food. There are meat, vegetarian and vegan options every day. However, it seems the consistent item on the menu, as well as everyone’s plates, is the Everything Cookie. With a texture more like a dense cake, it literally has just about everything in it. From oats and raisins to chocolate chips, coconut and nuts, the “everything” part changes as it is made with whatever is available. This “cookie” is so popular that the recipe was posted on the website so patrons can make it at home.

You will bus your own dishes at the One World because it is economically friendly and the cost is cut for servers and busboys. Also, the cafe is environmentally friendly, as when you bus your plates, you will notice two trash bins. One is labeled for fruits and vegetables that will break down into compost; the other is for meat and other trash that does not easily break down. Recycle, re-use, reduce — a concept for healthy humanity and a healthy world.

As it is a non-profit business, all supplies are purchased with donations given by customers. The idea is beautiful; people who can afford to give money for the food are making it possible for people to eat who haven’t any money, so no one goes hungry. In donating money by paying for a meal out, you are helping others less fortunate.

The dining rooms are peacefully decorated with billowy material hanging from the ceilings, soft lighting and Buddhas praying. You can sit in the Princess Di room and contemplate how she gave so much to less fortunate people. You may be inspired to envision ways to help people over your whole wheat pancakes and vegan scrambled “eggs”.

One World Everybody Eats Cafe gives the gift of food to those that are hungry like Moses did for the Hebrew slaves of Egypt. “The strong make many, the starving make few, the dead make none.” (film, The Ten Commandments) Give a gift of strength and life — give food. For your next restaurant experience in Salt Lake City, go to One World Everybody Eats Cafe and support a loving and giving vision: feed the world.

One World Everybody Eats

41 S 300 E

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Hours daily: 11am-8pm