Fred Mascherino has turned his long-time side project from his days in Breaking Pangea dn Taking Back Sunday into his full-time gig. The Color Fred, aptly named for the rock star, isn’t your ordinary solo project and Fred called up The College Times to tell us all the details about his new band, the band’s new CD and his current tour with Angels and Airwaves.

CT: You’re coming to Utah soon, so what is your favorite part of playing shows in Utah?

FM: Well, obviously the scenery there is a lot nicer than it is back home in Jersey. The mountains pretty much beat the smoke stacks. I’ve always found the crowds to be really energetic out there, people really seem into music. A lot of bigger towns aren’t easily impressed since everyone stops through so they’re not easily impressed. But I’ve always felt welcome in Salt Lake. The people always appreciate you coming there.

CT: For those who haven’t heard The Color Fred, how would you describe the new sound?

FM: I don’t think it’s too far off from the other projects I’ve been involved with in the past. Luckily I was able to be a big part of the writing in all my past bands so you’re gonna hear similarities and it really wasn’t my goal to alienate people who’ve heard my music. It’s a rock band even though most people are expecting a solo record to be acoustic because everyone is doing the alt. country harmonica thing right now, but that’s really not the music that I’m gonna be playing.

CT: From your new album, Bend to Break, what would you say is your favorite song and why?

FM: Probably “Hate to See You Go” because I think it’s an unusual guitar par tin the verses and all the instruments are sort of doing different things but then they all come together for the chorus and it’s a catchy chorus. I like when there is contrast in a song and not just the same thing for three minutes.

CT: What would you say is one of your least favorite parts of Bend to Break?

FM: I think that time is going to answer that question. But one of the songs, “Empty House,” I actually recorder the whole thing in my basement and it was kind of a last minute addition to the record. Still people tell me that’s the song they like the best, but I definitely feel like I would like to hear teat one rerecorded.

CT: Is there any new material in the works?

FM: Yeah, I’m always writing. There were 40 songs ready to go when I went in to start Bend to Break. So I’ve got all that material, but I’m always working on new stuff. I don’t really watch TV or sit around and play video games, I write songs and that’s all I obsess about.

CT: Alright Fred thanks for your time.

FM: Thanks for the opportunity.