On Wednesday, Feb. 29, the International Service Abroad hosted its first “Rollerskating for a Cause” fundraiser at Classic Skating in Orem. ISA pre-sold 50 tickets through Campus Connection, yet anticipated more than that to attend the two-hour event.


ISA is planning to utilize all the proceeds from its ‘70s-themed skating night to sponsor a club trip to Guatemala this July. This will mark the second year ISA has embarked on its two-week trip to Central America to help the local amputees.



Having previously collaborated with 2ft Prosthetics, a Utah County-based philanthropic organization that also provides prosthetic limbs on a charitable basis, ISA decided to strike out on its own, with more focus on teaching people to create their own cheap, durable prosthetics out of PVC and polypropylene.


Last year, ISA built 15 prosthetic limbs for Guatemalans and hopes to travel with 20 club members to do the same once again with this year’s trip.


UVU’s Director of National Student Exchange Julie Baker Bagley and Silvia Lobendahan from the School of Business work as advisors to ISA’s 100 members. Both Bagley and Lobendahan said that the group is very meticulous with its funding, sponsoring several events throughout the year to be able to fully fund its annual trip.


Two of its upcoming events include an annual banquet on March 21 and a Health and Service Fair on April 4, both in the Grande Ballroom.


In regard to ISA’s mission to “deliver a medical necessity” to amputees, Bagley said that ISA “really meets our mission statement at UVU to engage in our community and the world.”


This particular fundraising event served as a stepping-stone toward the club’s goals, enticing potential club members and raising awareness of ISA’s undertakings.


For more information about events or how to get involved, visit www.welovethecause.com or call (801) 863-6750.


By Deven Leigh Ellis
Asst. Life Editor