A resort and adventure center opened in Orem this year with outdoor pool and grass area, planned trips to nearby sightseeing hotspots, 24-hour a day staff and medical care, and top-of-the-line meals. To spend time at the resort, potential roomers have to pass physical and psychological tests. Simply, it’s the best in its class around here.

But it’s only for dogs.

Rock’n Dogs Resort is the only local animal boarding center that is owned and operated by veterinarians. The dogs are only kenneled during meals, “nap time,” and at night, and are under constant supervision by a trained staff.

Some of the features of the resort seem ridiculous to the untrained eye; an in-ground swimming pool, field trips to local canyons and rivers, and food with ingredients graded by the FDA for human consumption may be more than a dog could ask for.

However, the animals at the resort during the Review‘s interview were obviously euphorically happy.

Each animal must be spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations to stay at the resort. According to owner J. Callas, the dogs also must pass a “socialization interview,” during which they are introduced to different types of other dogs, varying in size and demeanor, to determine whether they’re eligible to board there.

Naturally, service like this isn’t cheap. Boarding is $25-$35 per day depending on the size of the animal, and daycare is $20 per day or $6 per hour. That can add up quickly, but if Fido’s the only think keeping you from a weekend vacation, it may well be worth it.

The center’s employees keep meticulous track of the behavior and health of the animal while it is at the resort, using charts on clipboards reminiscent of records at hospitals.

The target audience of the center is the baby boomer, who is now typically sending their youngest child off to college. This demographic typically fills their empty nest with an animal, and is willing to spoil it rotten. However, for an extra fifty dollars or so, UVU students and faculty can give their dog the best weekend of their life. Think of it as a thank-you gift to your most loyal furry friend.

More information:

To learn more about the Resort or to sign your dog up for boarding, call (801) 623-6666, e-mail [email protected] or visit their Web site at RockNDogsResort.com