It was the second day of fall semester in a janitor closet on campus when custodian Brett Webb mentioned something about bathrooms to his co-worker.

“I don’t want to talk about bathrooms right now—or throw up,” he said.

The reason why this was a touchy subject was because the full time crew had just experienced clean-up after the first day of class, which is a common time for students to throw up. Most of the full-time custodians had to clean up one of these messes.

“It’s because people are nervous,” Webb said.

Webb also detailed another time during the school year when custodians have to clean up throw up.

“Usually on the first day of class there are a couple throw ups. It’s the freshmen. But finals is the worst for throwing up because people start stressing even more,” Webb said.

Gloria Alfaro is the daytime lead custodial worker and has experienced a lot of instances with spewing students.

“I don’t know how many, but we already cleaned a lot,” Alfaro said. “During the first week there is too much to do at once. A mess to be cleaned over here, and over there and the other side of campus too. Plus the Jamba Juice on the carpet.”

There must be a lot of anxiety going around on at the beginning and end of a school year or semester, but luckily these days will pass and students can get into the swing of things.