The Contemporary Dance Ensemble’s presentation of Imprints held on Feb. 1, 2008 in the Ragan Theater, was truly an experience. Exhilarating imprints of personal experience and empowerment were shared through this powerful art form.

Two of the evenings’ highlights were "Passages," by Doris Hudson-Trujillo, and "Refrigerator Art 2," by guest choreographer Lynne Wimmer, a professor at the University of South Florida.

As the lights came up on the opening performance, precision and hard work melded into fluid artistry. Hudson-Trujillo provided images of a magnificently honed brigade of graceful water ballerinas maneuvering around and through one another in "Passages." Music by Phillip Glass connected audience and dancer, magnifying the desired exchange of information and energy art is dedicated to establishing.
Lynne Wimmer assisted student-dancers in creating a personal dance piece that was fun, risky and light.

"Refrigerator Art 2" was not only whimsical, but it provided a fun look at each performer’s ability to personalize their performance. Dancers were required to recite script appropriate for their individual presentations. Costumes were colorful, bouncy and consistent with the childlike theme of each creation. A well-rehearsed gang of women dancers tapped into personal spaces that anyone who ever wanted to be a kid was quick to embrace. Assisted by Angela Banchero-Kelleher and John Graham, Mozart would have been elated to see his music come to life with such gusto and shiny beauty.

The department of dance has worked long and hard to earn the respect of the national dance community. Imprints is yet another example of how the department continues to grow and turn-out dancers prepared for professional acceptance world wide.