Last week, The College Times reviewed You’re Awful, I Love You, the upcoming album from St. Louis rock band Ludo.

As part two of The College Times’ review on this new release, we called Tim Convy (Moog/keys) of the band and got his perspective on the new Ludo record.

CT: Was there a specific concept to You’re Awful, I Love You? If so, what?

Tim: Not really. Our last record, Broken Bride, was a rock opera and told a story, but when we recorded (You’re Awful) we tried to tie our songs together. There are a lot of stories, characters and themes that do come up though.

CT: Do you think the album is going to be well received?

Tim: Yeah, I think it’s a new combination of the stuff we did on the first record and new stuff we’ve never tried before. Hopefully we’ll pull in some new people, too.

CT: What song is your favorite from You’re Awful, Why?

Tim: I like "Love Me Dead" the most. It’s the first song and the first single off the new record. I like different songs for different reasons, but ("Love Me Dead") sums up the feeling of the record.  It’s not a conventional song you hear on the radio.

CT: How do you think this record compares to your previous work?

Tim: We’ve grown more musically, like I hope we do with each record. (You’re Awful) is more ambitious, we learned strengths and weaknesses and who does what well. It’s more modern, musically ambitious, and better all around.

CT: Would you say the new album has any weaknesses? What are they?

Tim: That’s hard. I don’t know that I’ve never thought of that. I’d say it should be longer, and we should have jammed more Ludo on there. It also could have used more keys…

CT: Where is the band going to go from here, will you take a new direction on the next album?

Tim: For now the focus is on this record – getting it out. We have new ideas every day on what we’ll do next. I’d be surprised if it isn’t a straight rock record, but it won’t be for a while. Our goal is to do this for a long time.

So there it is, straight from Ludo’s Tim Convy, what to expect from the band’s new record, You’re Awful, I Love You.