If the only thing standing between you and an outdoor adventure is someone to organize the trip, look no further! Provo and Orem are full of other students just as anxious as you to experience the thrill of the mountains, and inexpensive local adventure groups who take care of all the planning details for you.

Whether you fancy backpacking, camping, shooting, cross country skiing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, or hiking, there are upcoming trips that will fulfill your longing to stretch your legs and challenge yourself mentally and physically.

From beginner to advanced, there is a trip planned just for you. Learn outdoor techniques while meeting new friends with similar interests. Climb the black rocks of St George, cross country ski in Aspen Grove, relax in Fillmore’s hot spings, backpack to Provo Peak, or explore Moab. You’ll soon be hooked on outdoor adventure.

The majority of these popular outdoor adventure groups are affiliated with a local university or outdoor equipment retailer, with the exception of The Adventure Seekers’ Society. This particular group represents a growing number of outdoor recreation clubs formed by common people with similar hobbies who recognize a need to organize.

Zart Mies, one of the founders of The Adventure Seekers’ Society said the society “was founded by a small group of friends for the purpose of bringing together responsible and reliable people with a wide variety of outdoor interests and experience.” The society has now grown to 108 active members (as of March 2) and is currently planning a backpacking trip through the Grand Gulch in southern Utah this April.

The groups highlighted are open to all students, regardless of what university they are attending. For information about upcoming trips, please reference the group contact information.

Provo/Orem Outdoor Adventure Groups

Adventure Seekers’ Society
Facebook Group: “Adventure Seekers’ Society”
Email: [email protected]

BYU Outdoor Adventure Club
Facebook Group: “BYU Outdoor Adventure Club”
Email: [email protected]

BYU Outdoors Unlimited
Facebook Group: “BYU Outdoors Unlimited”
Email: [email protected]
Web Page: http://outdoors.byu.edu//trips.html

Serac Mountaineering Club (Hansen Mountaineering)
Facebook Group: “Hooked On Climbing”
Email: [email protected]
Web Page: www.seracclub.org

UVU Outdoor Adventure Center
Facebook Group: “UVU Outdoor Adventure Center”
Email: [email protected]
Web Page: http://www.uvsc.edu/oac/events/

Mountainworks (The Quarry)
Email: [email protected]
Web Page: www.utahclimbingclub.org