So I watched the new Tool DVD. Before you watch it, be warned that it does contain some disturbing images and artwork, from the mind of Adam Jones and many collaborators.

The DVD contains the music video for the song "Vicarious," a documentary, some commentary and credits. This was more than enough to keep me entertained for an evening. For those who don’t know Tool or Adam Jones, Adam Jones was a sculptor before starting Tool and is known for his strange, psychedelic and sometimes disturbing artwork. Tool is a well-established rock band that has a darker form of music. The aforementioned music video is a combination of CGI and artwork of Adam Jones and others. The music and video mesh nicely. The DVD acts as a history lesson on Tool and the artwork of Adam Jones and collaborators.

The music and the video remind me of what it is about Tool that I love. The artwork is to some disturbing, to others strange, but to the true Tool fans, it is music just presented in a different medium. The video starts out, and as the commentator mentions, doesn’t seem like a Tool video. But as the intro guitar riff begins, the listener knows that it has to be them. It is an adrenaline rush. A strange humanlike figure, a large flea like thing, and a lot of eyes-the video is very surreal but plays well with the lyrics of the song. This DVD is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of rock, even if you aren’t a fan of Tool.