Joshua James is arguably the most popular modern musician that calls Utah home. The label behind that success is North Platte Records, which is co-owned by UVU alum and adjunct professor McKay Stevens.

The label’s most recent endeavor was an album with RuRu, also known as Isaac Russell. RuRu was only fifteen when they recorded it, but the label swears by his innovative, mature sound.

If seeing a new artist isn’t enough motivation to make it to the release party, you should know that local greats Colby Stead, Marcus Bentley, and Joshua James will also be playing — Stead and Bentley will open RuRu’s act, and James is included in his band.

"Elizabeth," RuRu’s first album, will be released on June 6 at Velour, which is located at 135 N. University Ave in Provo, at 8 p.m. Cover is $5, and if you fancy the album, you can grab it for $10.