Last year, Al Gore’s global warning, An Inconvenient Truth, stirred a lot of pots.

The pinnacle of its eco-friendly warning was at the Academy Awards on Feb. 25, 2007, when the double-award-winning documentary inspired the Academy to make several announcements emphasizing that it was going green.

At the end of every year, DVDs of the year’s releases (known as "screeners" and marked with the words "For You Consideration") are sent out to members of the Academy for viewing with intent of voting.

Unlike previous years, the 2007 screeners are packaged in recycled paper goods, some with small pieces of recycled, flimsy plastics holding the discs in the center.

Their official statement on reads as follows: "This year, the Academy, the Oscar telecast producer Laura Ziskin and the entire production team endeavored to select supplies and services with a sensitivity toward reducing the threats we face from global warming, species extinction, deforestation, toxic waste, and hazardous chemicals in our water and food."

One may see this as a publicity stunt to hop on the popular bandwagon, but evidence backing their claims is clearly apparent through their actions now, nearly nine months later.