For obvious reasons, a coffee drinker’s options are limited in the Provo/Orem area. But at long last, Coffee Pod is now open near the border between the cities. Though it may be located near downtown Zoobieville, Provo’s disenchanted coffee lovers are gravitating toward the Pod.

Owner Marnie Robert wanted an open, comfortable atmosphere where people don’t have to pay for wi-fi, and where a cafe mocha won’t run you an hour’s worth of pay. The Coffee Pod not only has good coffee, but a great selection of pastries, yogurt, fresh fruit, bottled drinks, even chips. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they offer to heat the pastries up for you, and I must say, the hot apple churro I had with my caramel mocchiato was probably the best churro ever.

It’s in a larger space than most coffee shops, so even at peak hours, it doesn’t get claustrophobic. There are toys for kids, a small flat screen TV that enhances the room instead of trying to take it over, outdoor seating for the good weather days — and if you’re in a rush, there’s even a drive-up window.

I’ve long loved Juice and Java and will still go there to see my friends, but the atmosphere of the Pod is a bit more welcoming. I will remain loyal to Juice to a certain extent, but I’ve already developed a fondness for the Coffee Pod. The location is convenient, the people are friendly, the coffee is tasty, and if I’m not careful, I might gain that five pounds back by gorging myself on those irresistible pastries.

My friends and I have already had some good times there and have decided to make it a hangout. It won’t completely replace Juice and Java, but since it’s a lot closer to UVU, I’ll probably end up there more often.
The Coffee Pod and Simple Foods is located at 426 West 1230 North in Provo, across State street from D.I. and next to Big Lots and Little Caesar’s Pizza.