Visual Voice, an art exhibit by Tammy Ballard, made from chips of aluminum, fragments of barbed wire, dog tags, medical tools, uniform bottoms, bullets, and scraps of metal.

The Exhibit will be on display at UVU April 6-May 2 in the Sutherland Archives Gallery, on the third floor of the new library.

An opening reception will take place in honor of Ballard’s exhibit April 10, 2009 from 7-9 pm, including refreshments in conjunction with another UVU student, Susan Purdy. Purdy’s exhibit is called RISE.

Ballard is graduating with a BFA in Visual Arts and communications here at UVU.

According to Courtney Davis, UVU art history professor, the sculptures ask questions and are tightly composed with harmonious balance and classical proportions.

Her artwork is understood through the contrast of industry and the paradox of modern society says Davis.

“In an era when our portal to the world is our computer screen, when our most intimate companions are our phones, and our electronic gadgets, where do we find solace?” Davis continues, “Where do we go to ask the most important questions of life? Sometimes answers are found in the most unexpected of places.”

According to Sara Lenz, Daily News Reporter, Ballard started her style of art when given the assignment to create a sculpture from everyday discarded objects. She was inspired by a bucket of bullets that did not meet specifications at her husband’s manufacturing company.

“Through symbolism, my sculptures reflect my personal contemporary views towards social issues and politics, versus patriotism and religion,” Ballard said. “We live in a beautiful world, but we also live in a dangerous time.”

“One thing I think about – especially when I see my favorite piece – is how we are all too often engaged in war.” Carelene Johnson, UVU art student said. “We want connection with those around us but what we show, the part we will allow others to see – is a bristling wall; inviting and intriguing and yet defensive. is all about that connection we have with each other and the world around us.”

For more information visit Ballard’s blog at

Where: The UVU library at 800 W. University Parkway, Orem

When: April 6-May 2

Tickets: Admission is free