As Matt Costa took the stage at the Avalon in Salt Lake City, he was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans.

Opening his set with crowd favorite "Ballad Of Miss Kate," he quickly prepared his fans for the music that was to come. The folk and indie twist of Costa’s music makes it lovable for many across the world.

Having now done four shows in Utah, Costa said this one was by far the best. "The crowd was exceptional," he said. "They were raving and singing."  Many artists have claimed that Utah is their favorite place to perform, when asked if he agreed, Costa responded, "Absolutely. The fans here are always singing."

"(Salt Lake) has always been nice," Costa continued. He reported that the day before the show, the band had a day off and spent it in the Salt Lake Valley. They traveled to the capitol building where they were able to capture a nice view of the valley. After the day of rest, the band was more than ready to play for Utah.

Two years ago Costa’s first headlining tour came through Utah. At that show, just over two hundred fans showed up to support Costa. The amount of people there at the Avalon this time more than doubled the previous number, as Costa played for a sold out crowd.

As fans sang back the lyrics of "Mr. Pitiful," Costa slammed on the keyboard. He was quickly up out of his seat, dancing while playing as the crowd’s enthusiasm built by the second. The set ended shortly after this popular song, but the fans wanted more. As Costa walked back out on the stage alone and began playing "Behind The Moon," fans continued to sing along.

The band quickly came back out and serenaded the audience with their folk music. As the concert came to a close, it was extremely evident that Costa loves what he does. He then finished, saying good night to Salt Lake with an enormous grin across his face and quickly exiting the venue to talk with hundreds of adoring fans.