Devils Cuntry, a dark bluegrass/country/western band, celebrated the first anniversary of their formation last Saturday. They play local Utah Valley venues as well as Salt Lake Valley shows.

Their popular songs “Hittin’ That Bottle Again” and “Coke and Whiskey” have already come out on their first CD, and the second has just been released.

“They’ve got a great sound. I didn’t want to stop moving my feet,” said one newly-acquired fan after their recent show at City Limits on Center Street in Provo.

UVU student Angela Moore, who plays violin for Devil’s Cuntry, is a long- time face on the Utah Valley music scene, having previously performed with Hellbound Saints (with Devil’s Cuntry singer/ guitarist Tanner Bray), Die Monster Die, and Silver Slippers.

Along with bass player Glenn Goss, the drummer known only as “Banini” and new mandolin player McKinley, their songwriting has evolved from old-style bar-brawl music to rugged western reminisence with a country mosh pit thrown in every now and then for good measure. Yes, there is a such thing as a country mosh pit. Thanks to these guys, I’ve found myself in a few. Every once in a while, a guy referred to only as “Cherub” would get on stage and play the jaw harp for them.

Longtime friends of the group have formed new bands and played at the Devil’s Cuntry anniversary show. Gorgunt, fronted by UVU student Ric Taylor, is a brand new style — “caveman.” It’s music based on “what we think cavemen must have worried about.” And it’s completely improvised on the spot. The songs they came up with at this, their first show, included “Alone in a Cave” and “Got Fur?”

The show was opened by a brand new band called Knucklebone, with an all-metal sound. In a typical situation, they would have been the ones with the mosh pit at the stage. But this was not a typical night. Their performance was a great introduction to the evening, with a strong presence and great musicians.

Devil’s Cuntry’s next performance is scheduled for April 2 at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, 726 South in Salt Lake. Gorgunt and Knucklebone have not released any information on upcoming performances as of yet. More information can be found on their MySpace pages: and