In 2008 one of the most amazing vampire movies ever made was released. The film, of course, is the Norwegian production “Let The Right One In.” The film is so beautifully filmed, directed, written, photographed, and acted that it could be watched every day for a month and still be needed. In other words: the movie helps its viewers understand the craving for blood, because they will crave the film forever and ever.

A beautiful frozen town sets a purposefully chilling backdrop for the two children in the story. A mysterious girl and bullied boy meet by chance and form an awkward bond. The area begins to be plagued by mysterious murders, and every time vibrant blood splashes onto the brilliant snow the two children are drawn closer together.

The story of two young lovers-one a vampire and one not-has (hopefully) left a bad taste in the mouths of intelligent moviegoers. However, in this film the same concept is touched upon once more, but perfectly. The love story is honest. The desire for blood is chilling. The innocence of children in a brutal world makes sense; it is not an awkward teen drama more fit for the CW. The relationship formed goes beyond pointless attraction into the realm of immensely strong love that is based on happiness and friendship-not weak lust.

Vampires are in hiding these days. It is not because they are afraid of the sun or slayers. It is because they are seriously embarrassed about their recent portrayal in our culture. They are a joke here, so they are all relocating to places that respect them. “Let The Right One In” is so good that vampires have become real and tangible; they have all moved to Norway to live in wonderful tranquility and bloodlust.