Singer and songwriter Kirby Heyborne will be live in concert at the Covey Center for the Arts on April 3, 2009 for the release of his new album, The Elm Tree. The 10 track album includes collaborations with distinguished violinist Ryan Shupe and trumpeter Chris Lane.

Heyborne has produced three previous CDs, making The Elm Tree his fourth and “best yet,” according to his producer, Nathan DeVore. Along with being a talented and entertaining musician, Kirby has also starred in award-winning films such as the World War II drama Saints and Soldiers and the more recent comedy Pirates of the Great Salt Lake. On the side, he works with his own traveling Improv Troupe called “The Society” which is based out of L.A.

Inspiration for his new album seemed to have come from the others around him that have had an undeniable influence on him. “We all have moments in our lives when we don’t feel like we can make it through another day,” said Heyborne, “But somehow we find the strength. Sometimes it’s a friend or a family member. other times we rely on our faith to get us through.” The album was also inspired by the strength of his mother and others that are close to him who have been faced with cancer and courageously fought it. For each CD purchased, Heyborne will donate $1 to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for Cancer research.

With his unquestionable sense of humor and sincere love for music, this concert is guaranteed to be a wholeheartedly performed evening full of laughter, audience participation and good fun for people of all ages.

Info Box:

What: Kirby Heyborne CD Release Concert

Where: Covey Center for the Arts
425 West Center Street
Provo, UT

When: Friday, April 3, 2009 at 8:00 PM

Price: $10, $12 and $15. Discounts for students, seniors and large groups.

For Tickets: Covey Center Ticket Office, call 801-852-7007, or online