Since receiving its charter last November, Kappa Sigma, the first official Fraternity on Campus, continues to expand their horizons for now and the future.


After receiving the full benefits of becoming an officially recognized chapter of Kappa Sigma, the men of the Rho-Phi chapter have taken initiative to broaden their horizons.



Long time member and current Grand Master of Ceremonies, Bektur Abdrisaev, expresses this effort in moving forward. “As a collective, the Rho-Phi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is focusing its efforts towards establishing a stable framework to ensure the solvency of all aspects of our organization,” Abdrisaev said. “This framework includes the solidification of financial, judicial, recruiting, philanthropic and social precedents.”


Along with establishing a strong basis through these various aspects, the men of Kappa Sigma value their ability to have members who adhere to high standards.


“As an Executive of the Rho-Phi Chapter, my prime responsibility is setting a strong, pervasive and ethical tone at the top for our men to adhere to,” Abdrisaev said. “We are no longer afforded the leniencies granted to colonies.”


Before earning the title of the Rho-Phi Chapter, the members of Kappa Sigma were a colony. As a colony, the national organization of Kappa Sigma evaluated each member and the colony as a whole to see if they were ready to be given a charter and become an official chapter. Now that chapter status has been achieved, the members have an even higher standard to live up to.


“Our Chapter is a representative of our International Order, and as such, we are charged with setting the example for the rest of campus, and showcasing the true caliber of men who are admitted into Fraternities,” Abdrisaev said.


Kappa Sigma also has an uphill battle when it comes to the stereotypes that are normally associated with fraternities.


“We plan to remove the stigma of a fraternity, setting examples of scholarship, leadership, and service, growing Kappa Sigma into a shining pillar at UVU,” said Shane Davis, Kappa Sigma’s academic chairman.


During spring recruitment the men of Rho-Phi focused on recruiting new members who have the same goals and drive for the future that the current members have.


“We always want to recruit as diverse a crowd as possible,” Abdrisaev said. “But only men of high moral fiber. We don’t discriminate based on anything other than of how decent a man he is.”


The future of the Rho-Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma rests entirely upon its members. Through their determination and teamwork, the aspirations and goals of Kappa Sigma are sure to be achieved.


By Briauna Leigh Mason
Staff Writer