Where do you hang out – Hogi Yogi? Krispy Kremes? Well there are some UVSC students that hang out at the Quarry in Provo. "Hang out" being the operative phrase, since the Quarry is an indoor rock climbing facility where everyone, including the employees, is hanging out.

The main floor of the Quarry is for top rope and lead climbing, with routes for all levels of ability. Most climbers at the Quarry are top roping. To top rope, climbers tie one end of a rope into a harness worn around the waist, with the rope anchored at a point above the climbing wall. Someone on the ground, known as the "belayer," is tied into the other end of the rope and helps control the climber’s descent should they fall from the wall.

The upper level of the Quarry is dedicated to “bouldering,” a form of rock climbing where the climber uses no harness and remains closer to the ground than they would in either top rope or lead climbing. The climber may have climbing shoes and a chalk bag, but generally the amount of equipment is very limited. This makes bouldering attractive to those with limited budgets – college students included.

Married UVSC couple Kory and Rachael Kowallis originally met at the Quarry, and still enjoy bouldering together. When asked what she likes most about bouldering, Rachael Kowallis replied, "It’s just you, your shoes, and the rock. It’s exhilarating."

Kory, who has over a dozen years of climbing experience, enjoys the challenge of discovering routes. "It is like a puzzle that you have to figure out."

The Quarry has over 12,500 square feet of climbing space, meaning there is plenty of room for large numbers of climbers. Climbing and bouldering routes are changed every couple of months to offer new challenges for regular climbers.

An adult day pass for the Quarry will set you back $13. Shoes and a harness can be rented for an additional $5. Discounts are available for groups, family night and even ladies’ night.

The Quarry also offers memberships with discounts for students. Detailed information about discounts and memberships is available on the Quarry Web site, http://www.quarryclimbing.com.

Located three miles east of campus at 2494 North University Parkway, next to Movies 8 in Provo, the Quarry Indoor Climbing Center is open late most nights, but the exact closing times differ depending on the day of the week. Visit the Web site for more details.

So set down the sandwich. Ditch the doughnut. Go hang out at the Quarry. Who knows, you might just get lucky like Kory and Rachael Kowallis.