The time of the semester has come when everyone becomes overwhelmed by assignments they’ve procrastinated until now, heavily weighted projects, and final exams. What better way to take a break from reality than catch Jimmy Eat World playing in our own McKay Events Center?

Since Jimmy Eat World forced their way into the mainstream airwaves in 2001 with Bleed American, their momentum has been unstoppable. Once "The Middle" became a hit, the tracks were laid for a bright and successful future in the music industry.

For the first time since 2004, Jimmy Eat World is returning to take the stage — promoting their latest album Chase This Light, on our very own campus.

Diehard Jimmy fans know that you can never go wrong with one of their live shows. Live, the band can take one of their most popular, loved radio hits and turn it into one of the loudest, most riff-driven rock songs.

If you like the Jimmy Eat World you’ve heard on the radio, then be sure not to miss the show. These guys are only better when they’re live.