Let’s face it: Utah culture is obsessed with marriage and relationships. You can’t drive from Orem to Salt Lake without passing at least one Utah Weddings sign. The idea that a relationship equals happiness is not always true. Often, relationships bring on a whole different set of problems. The grass doesn’t always have to greener on the other side of the fence; here are a few things to remember about the perks to being unattached:

1. Getting involved in what you love

Being involved in something you love is a great way to combat the loneliness that can sometimes trouble single life. Being involved is a great way to meet people with your same interests. Also, if you have the time to really get into something you love, it can be very fulfilling. A single person can plan and aspire to anything around his or her own schedule. You have no ones else’s goals, fears, or reservations to consider. If you decide to take two years off school to join the Peace Corps, backpack Europe, or even just change your major you have nothing stopping you.

2. Better sleep

There is a growing amount of research showing that couples actually interrupt each other’s sleep patterns. When you are single you can sleep peacefully without having to fight for blankets, space, or silence if your partner snores.

3. Closer relationships

Most people have had at least one friend that got in a relationship and fell off the face of the earth. Relationships take up a lot of time, and often they push other people you still care about out. Single life enables you to have a lot more time for other people. It is easier be more involved with other friends, family, and co-workers.

4. Freedom to do what you want

Funnily enough, a dictionary synonym for unmarried is free. A single person can watch BRAVEHEART on DVD without hearing about how his girlfriend really wanted to watch THE NOTEBOOK. When you’re single, you can choose what you do and how you do it around what works solely for you.

Whether you are single by choice or by force, enjoy being single. There are so many benefits and options open that can’t fully be taken advantage of at any other time in life.