UVU offers students many opportunities to get involved and to connect with students across campus. From clubs, to religious institutions, to sporting events, to student government, there are many ways for students to connect with one another and with the UVU community.
There are countless clubs on campus that appeal to several different interests on hobbies. There is Mixed Martial Arts and Rugby for students interested in sports and physical activity. There is Bass Fishing Club and the Recreation Club for students who enjoy spending time outdoors. And there is College Democrats and College Republicans for students interested in politics. Students are also encouraged to create their own clubs.
Until last year, there was no UVU Women’s Lacrosse team, but a group of students on campus changed that when they recruited players and formed the first UVU Women’s Lacrosse team. They had a very successful season and competed against BYU, University of Utah, and several other teams. For more information regarding how to start a club visit: http://www.uvu.edu/clubs/.
Attending sporting events and social activities is another great way for students to meet other students and get involved on campus. No matter what semester it is, there are always sports teams playing and social events happening on campus. UVU’s women’s volleyball team, men’s baseball team, and men’s basketball teams are popular sporting events for students on campus to attend.
David Miller, a sophomore at UVU, said he really enjoys attending UVU basketball games.
“I started going to the basketball games when I was a freshman. They are so fun and it’s a great place to meet new students.” Miller said.
There are also many social events and dances held on campus that Miller likes to attend.
“I try to go to a lot of social things held on campus because they are usually really fun.” Miller said.
Another great way for students to get involved on campus is through the volunteer services offered at UVU. There is a volunteer and service learning program on campus dedicated to providing students with opportunities to serve people throughout the community. Within this program there are several different opportunities for students to choose from such as the Service Council, Service-Learning, the Service Scholar Program, and Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program. Each program gives students a chance to volunteer and give back to the community. For more information regarding volunteer opportunities please visit: http://www.uvu.edu/volunteer/students/.