Did you hear that Suzy and Tommie are dating? No, well neither did I, because I have better things to do with my life than worry about what other people are doing and what they think of me.

I had a girlfriend for a while, short while, but a while none-the-less and she was obsessed with what other people thought. She would make sure that people knew that we were dating, no matter who it was or how little they cared. She would get mad at me if I didn’t tell someone we were dating, which I didn’t because I don’t care if people know and it’s none of their business.

Every time she would see me she would say, “Guess what I found out about you today.” I would be curious then I would realize it was incredibly dumb and I started to be less and less interested, this probably led to me breaking up with her.

The point being is why does she care what someone else said about me, why can’t she ask me?

Women need to learn how to be comfortable in their own skin. Find out what you like and start doing that. This might not get you the hottest guy perhaps but it will get you happiness. While you can’t wear happiness it should be the goal women are shooting for.

While no girl wants to see the man of her dreams go after another woman I am sure she is a… loose woman, and you don’t want to pattern yourself after her.

You don’t need to ask what you’re friends think of your shirt/car/phone/guy if it makes you happy it just shouldn’t matter. I’ll take my cues from the old adage “those who who mind don’t matter and those matter don’t mind.”