If the try-outs on Jan. 17 are any reflection of this year’s event, then students interested in attending the 2012 “UVU’s Got Talent” show on Feb. 8 are in for a few surprises, the most shocking among them being the promise of any surprises at all. In general, school talent shows tend to feature a slim range of abilities, usually focusing on classical piano pieces and freshmen belting Les Miserable. Luckily, the UVUSA has something a little more exciting up their sleeve this year. The Student Association members building the show’s lineup last Tuesday explained that they’d be judging applicants heavily on how unique their acts were and their overall entertainment value. The four surprise judges that will be selecting the final winner in two weeks will have their work cut out for them.


Dane Carlson and Daniel Olquin are two performers among the 17 applicants that are sure to be favorites among students. Dane, who has been participating in school talent shows since high school, performed a hilarious rendition of Weird Al’s Eat It complete with Michael Jackson dance moves and fearless vocals. On Tuesday, Daniel Olquin performed an original song, “Brand New Day” that featured both the ukulele and a kazoo and says that he’s been writing his own music since he was seventeen. He’s sure to woo UVU’s female population with his upbeat Jason Mraz-esque sound and Archuleta looks.


If Dane and Daniel don’t sound like your thing keep an eye-out for a magic-show routine, a punk-rock band, modern dancers, and a trick bicyclist among the finalists performing in two weeks.

Nicola Pritchett – Life Writer