I’m a romantic. I like sappy songs, dancing and chick flicks. I have also fallen for the notions expressed in these things. Yes, I am one of the fools who believe in Prince Charming, and unfortunately people like me learn a few things from stories we hear. In these stories we learn that fairy tales and songs always start and end the same way.

Taylor Swift is a romantic, too. I’m sure she is because she sings about it. In her song “Love Story,” she lays it all out. Guy sees girl from across the room, he approaches her, woos her and although complications in logistics occur, love wins in the end.

This doesn’t happen anymore, and I think I know why: Someone decided to ruin pickup lines. Back when these lines were simple and honest, pickup lines had an important purpose. Guys could give a compliment to a random woman, that didn’t include a punch line. Since then, a lot of things have happened to mess up the process. I was feeling especially upset about this the other day when I was in a situation where having a pickup line as an option might have helped.

I had to walk by the Math Lab several times in a row for work purposes. About six times within a few minutes, but not on purpose, of course. Each time I did, a charming guy studying math took a break from his work to study me. It was basically adorable the way he did it, and he seriously made my day. I felt so flattered. This was the extent of what happened.

What can I say, I said I was a romantic. This story is like the story of Cinderella. It’s not likely that he will find me again. He doesn’t know my name. However, there is hope. I am going to leave my glass slipper in the form of this article. Whoever you are, if you read this, you will know it is you.

I think Cinderella purposely left her glass slipper on the steps. Maybe she just didn’t tell anyone about it, including the writer of the story. She left the prince with an impossible task, but a task nonetheless. With hard work and luck, he might have another chance with her.

I’m doing it for all of us romantics. Everyone should get to be Cinderella at least once. For guys out there, be bold and consider creating a movement and making pickup lines okay again.