It is starting to get cold outside, the leaves are starting to fall, and you have no idea where to take your date. High school and college students are always resorting back to, “The Big Three.” These are the normal, cost-efficient, safe dates that will cause no waves. They aren’t very creative, but they are universally accepted: a nice dinner, a movie, or a dance. This year, however, we are venturing out of the box with some new exciting fall date activities. Why not take a stroll through a celebrity corn maze, or hold a midnight bonfire, with the added s’mores, or experience the scientific artwork at the Body Worlds Exhibit downtown?

Dates are stressful, so when you are planning them you want to create the perfect experience. Here are some ideas to help you through the difficult planning stages of the perfect fall date:

1. Haunted House/Corn Maze.

2. Carve a jack-o-lantern/pumpkin patch.

3. Drive the Alpine Loop and enjoy a nice lunch at Sundance.

4. Costume bowling.

5. A sunset hike with picnic, and hot chocolate.

6. Midnight bonfire with roasted marshmallows.

7. Ice skating at the Olympic Oval.

8. Watch the Jazz defeat their rivals.

9. Take an educational stroll through the Body Worlds Exhibit downtown.

10. Attend a book/poetry reading at the local Barnes and Nobel.

11. Cook a gourmet dinner with a movie for dessert.