With the change to university status, the department of theatrical arts is making the most drastic physical change on campus.

Earlier this year, the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation made the largest single donation in UVSC history to benefit the school’s theatre program. While the majority of the funding will go towards establishing the Noorda Regional Theatre Center for Children and Youth, a good chunk will give the sixth floor of the Gunther Trades building some much-needed upgrades.

The Blackbox Theater and the scene/prop shop (located right next to the Blackbox) will be completely gutted and remodeled, creating a much more effective acting space for UVU productions and a more efficient shop for building and storing scenic elements.

The remodel is planned to begin early in the fall semester, and conclude early enough into the spring semester to allow for some ’08-’09 presentations to be held therein.

The 2008-2009 season includes Flies in the Snuffbox, Nosferatu, Tea with mint or lemon?, Twelfth Night, Burial at Thebes, Chess and the Platform Series.

Another progressive milestone the department is making is working together with the Sundance Summer Theatre program. Presented by the Sundance Preserve and produced by the Sundance Resort and the UVU Theatre Department, William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night will be showing on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from August 2-23 at the resort’s Outdoor Theater.

Keep your eye on the theatre department as it continues to grow and progress with the rest of the university.