Once the sun finally decides to show itself, you might be tempted to step outside and go for a walk, bike ride or one of those hike things everyone keeps talking about. While that’s all fine and dandy if that’s your thing, some of us would prefer to spend our time sleeping in, going to the movies and reading comic books. To those brave souls, here’s a list of graphic novels to enjoy while you are not hiking to the Y, because some of us still have no idea what that means.


Before he became a superstar Marvel writer, Matt Fraction wrote this delightfully deranged super spy tale. It’s got everything, bizarre masked villains, robot orgies, erotic inter-dimensional encounters, and brutal shootouts in sky casinos. Throw in Gabriel Ba’s sexy stylized artwork and you have one disturbingly awesome time.

The Dark Tower

Stephen King’s epic fantasy western thriller was ripe for the comic book treatment, and Marvel Comic’s delivered just that. His strangely hypnotic world of gunslingers, wizards and demons is brought to life thanks the artwork of Jae Lee and writing of Peter David. The first collection, The Gunslinger Born, is great a starting place for anybody interested in this reality-bending magnum opus.


Get on the bandwagon now, because this dark superhero spy thriller has just been picked up for a film adaptation. Written by the always-amazing Ed Brubaker, Sleeper is the story of undercover sleeper agent Holden Carver as he tries to survive undetected in a supervillian terrorist organization. This is not a comic for kids, it more like a superhero adventure meets The Departed, but if you’re ok with mature content, it’s defiantly worth a read.


No, this is not a wholesome religious comic book that the whole family can enjoy. From the mind of Garth Ennis, Preacher is really just a twisted journey through a nightmare America through the eyes of a super powered preacher, his assassin girlfriend and alcoholic vampire best friend. There isn’t really any other way to sum up this series. Just go buy it.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Hopefully, you never saw the horrible Sean Connery film loosely based on this comic. If you did, set your prejudice aside and give the it a shot, because it really is brilliant. The movie shares a title with Alan Moore’s quirky adventure series, and that’s about it. Even without the amazing story, artist Kevin O’Neill delivers a incredibly unique art style that gives The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a look all it’s own. Just don’t call it LXG and you’ll love it.