What would you do to win a girl back? Many guys do flowers and chocolates, but how many would be willing to run a marathon? That’s the premise to David Schwimmer’s latest directorial effort, Run, Fat Boy, Run.

Five years after leaving Libby, his pregnant fiancé (Mission: Impossible II‘s Thandie Newton), at the altar, Dennis (Simon Pegg) finally realizes that he might have lost the girl for good.

The only times they spend together are the few minutes in passing when Dennis picks up their son for the weekend.

One day, when Dennis picks up their son, Libby’s new boyfriend, Witt, a wealthy, for-charity marathon runner (Hank Azaria), greets him. In this moment, Dennis decides he’s got to win Libby’s love back. How better to do it than lose some weight, beat Witt in the upcoming marathon, and show Libby he’s ready to change and run in the right direction?

Pegg stormed into America as Shaun in the 2004 cult zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead , which he also co-wrote. Since then, he’s taken on lesser roles in American movies (such as Tom Cruise’s tech savvy helper in Mission: Impossible III), trying to break into the U.S. movie scene. Last year, he reteamed with the Shaun of the Dead guys for the comedic action movie Hot Fuzz, which ended up having his best U.S. opening. Run, Fat Boy, Run is Pegg’s attempt at showing he can be the leading man in an American movie, and he did a pretty good job for what he was doing.

While Run, Fat Boy, Run definitely won’t be the funniest movie you’ve ever seen, it is worth watching if you enjoy good and witty humor dappled with a more inane variety and a little romance. And although the first half may feel more painful than entertaining, the second half is what makes Run, Fat Boy, Run worth your time and money. Once Dennis begins the race, Schwimmer’s eye for original filmmaking shines and adds one more strong characteristic to the movie.

If you’re looking for a fresh, lightweight, feel-good flick, or if you’re a Simon Pegg fan, be sure to not miss Run, Fat Boy, Run.