Cameron Simek, Life Editor


So, the week is upon us. We sit in silent reflection, thinking back to a time when our ancestors were forced to fight for their freedom. As a flag dances patriotically on the wind, thousands of hearts around the country are moved in unison to the sounds of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.



Or not.


The things we all enjoy about the holiday are the fireworks. Huge colorful explosions filling the sky with beautiful designs and sounds we all know and love so much.


The Fourth holds many wonderful events to enjoy; mostly involving filling the night sky with fantastic blasts set to contemporary and classical music.


If you’re spending the holiday in Provo one thing to look forward to on the Fourth is the Stadium of Fire. The yearly concert brings many musicians to the valley to entertain us for the day until it’s time for the real show. It’s all part of Provo’s “America’s Freedom Festival.” The festival also includes a parade and a “Freedom Run,” in 10K, 5K and one-mile distances. You won’t want to miss it.


But if you have to miss it, there are plenty of other activities happening all around, and they’re fairly hard to miss.


If you’re spending the day closer to Salt Lake, Sandy has a wonderful Fourth of July celebration. They set up a stage with a few performers, both local and otherwise, and have a wonderful outdoor celebration complete with vendors so you can satisfy that itch to buy cheap jewelry and plastic toys.


It’s actually pretty difficult to sneeze without hitting someone throwing an event in celebration of the day. You can just wander around the valley until you have found something that feels right for you and your loved ones.


Or you can just go to a fireworks stand and celebrate the day the way it was meant to be: by blowing stuff up and nearly burning down your home.


Like real Americans.


There is a little bit of fine print that goes along with the do-it-yourself method. Fireworks are only legal to purchase in Utah from June 19th to July 25th. They are legal to use from July 1st through the 27th. So keep those dates in mind and plan your celebrations accordingly.


Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the day, remember what it’s really about. The celebration of freedom and the ability of an entire nation to unite, stand up and say, “Ooooooo, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh!!.”