Who is the face of teen angst? Many bands have filled the position of being the embodiment of teenage anger and frustration, but what happens when you mix teen angst, metal guitar riffs, double bass drums, and screaming vocals?

Decima. Surprising for a band of sixteen-year-olds in high school, Decima brings a new sound to hardcore metal.

In recent times, Utah Valley has become the birthplace for many teenage metal bands. Although young and somewhat inexperienced, this army of angry youth throws down some wicked guitar riffs and sick vocals. Decima is a forerunner amongst this mass of competition, having proved themselves worthy enough to recently record five fully mastered songs, a few of which are posted on their Web site.

Having played for a longer time than others, Decima is building a reputation. Sure, they didn’t start out sounding as good as they do now. As with all good things, the talent they display took time to develop. Now the invitations to play different venues in Utah Valley and the Salt Lake area never seem to cease. Their fairly long concert list stretches to several months from now.

Decima has played shows with other well-known metal bands such as Emmure and White Chapel, adding to their experience and skill. They have built a good rapport with other metal bands of the area and play shows with many of them. One band that Decima is often found playing shows with is Hermione, another well-known local band.

On Feb. 19, Decima played a great rock show at the Avalon with White Chapel, Hermione and I’ll Be Your Eyes. Several of Decima’s songs were recorded at the show and will be posted soon on their Web site.

If you love metal, check Decima out. They’ll be playing on Feb. 29 at Muse Music in Provo with Hermione and others to be announced. The cost is $5 at the door, and the show starts at 8 p.m. Decima can be found online at www.myspace.com/decimabandut