Move is the newest dance show being performed at the SCERA Center for the Arts this week. Presented by Vibe Studios, the show features “Move” creator Rick Robinson, the nationally recognized dancer, choreographer, and dance studio creator, who is known to produce lively shows that knock your socks off with their notorious use of energy, movement and props.

The show runs Jan. 3-10 and begins at 7:30 p.m. Try to get tickets as soon as possible because Robinson’s shows sell out swiftly. Tickets are $10 for students when they show their student ID. You can either purchase reserved seating ahead of time or at the door 30 minutes prior to each performance.

Robinson’s shows emphasize hip-hop, ballroom and jazz, but with a twist. You can expect some of the dances to include platform boards, poles, and mini trampolines, used by the performers as they move across the floor of the stage. There will even be a piece that appears to resemble the Singin’ In The Rain classic, before it will break out into a hip-hop adaptation.

“This high-energy show will be a perfect follow-up to his wildly successful ‘Evolutions of Dance,'” says Adam J. Robertson, SCERA President and CEO. “We have worked with Rick in the past and he consistently gives us a new exciting show that draws sold-out audiences.”

Robinson says of his show, “We will demonstrate the joy of movement and how versatile we can be in the way we express our bodies.” He also hopes the audience members will leave their seats at the end of the night going, “Wow,” from being able to see an entertaining and unexpected combination of three such distinctive, yet accordant dance styles.

If you’ve been stuck indoors all school break, this would be the show to get out to. It is bound to get you energized and make you want to Move.