Why do dumb people always have to ruin something good?
In most cases, you’d probably expect me to be referring to money-grubbing Hollywood destroying its originality with mediocre remakes, spin-offs, sequels and rips. But this time I’m talking about the average Joes.

Last week I tried looking up Andy Samberg’s (Hot Rod) SNL digital short with Shia LaBeouf, known as Dear Sister, which mocks the finale of The O.C. on YouTube.

You’d think that would be an easy task; just search the phrases "digital short," "Shia SNL," "Dear Sister" or something along those lines, and it will come up, right? Wrong.

Because this new generation of kids has grown up with amazingly cool video technology and the massive information database that is the Internet at their disposal, they see funny people doing hilarious things with this combination and copycat it.

Instead of finding my video of choice, all I could find were a million remakes of it done by the nerdiest of kids. They’ve flooded the Internet with crap.

While companies like YouTube and MySpace have created unique platforms that the general public can use for good, they forget that the users and composers of these platforms are the most unreliable people on planet: the Internet geeks!

Since everyone wants to make a movie, the best way to be funny is copy something original. And that’s what these girlfriend-less nerds are doing.

They’ve flooded YouTube with so many lame, personalized videos that I can’t find Dear Sister on there for the life of me. And it’s not just with Samberg’s classic videos like Dear Sister and (Junk) In a Box, but any funny show or movie ever made.
Don’t get me wrong; I love YouTube. When it came out, I thought, ‘Now that’s what the Internet was made for.’ I just have a problem with the jack-a’s who post stupid videos on it.

The guys who made YouTube should create a new Web page where you can upload your picture and have it pasted over the faces of the actors in the original video (remember when they did that in the ’80s?), that way we don’t have to see people making unfunny idiots of themselves elsewhere.

With that said, for all of you who haven’t seen Dear Sister, look it up … but good luck trying to find it