Check Yes Utah, an organization that encourages the donation of organs and eye tissue, joined with UVU’s Public Relations Student Society of America April 10 in the Science Building to raise awareness of becoming an organ donor.

The event included multiple booths from Utah Lions Eye Bank, the National Kidney Foundation of Utah, Intermountain Donor Services, a booth publicizing the Transplant Games of America and members of the PRSSA encouraging students to learn of the importance of organ donation and receive a free kidney screening.

Heidyn Mouritsen, an employee at the Kidney Foundation, helped students register for kidney screenings, which gave students the ability to know whether or not their kidneys are functioning properly.

Sophomore exercise science major Maddie Miskho, one of the ninety people tested at the event for kidney screenings, said, “I think it’s important to try and live a healthy lifestyle and receive regular check-ups.”

Dixie Madsen, the public relations coordinator of Intermountain Donor Services, was operating another booth where she offered informational pamphlets encouraging students to fill out an application to ‘check-yes’ to become an organ donor.

“The purpose of the organization is to save lives through organ and tissue donations,” Madsen said. “These donations grant a second chance of life, and every recipient and donor I’ve spoken to are always grateful for the opportunity to be involved.”

Carson Strachan, a senior and information systems major and donor recipient, reached the 1,000 day mark since he received his life-saving liver transplant from his aunt.

Strachan was diagnosed with a liver disease at eighteen and was told he needed a transplant. Once his aunt was tested and results showed she was a match, she donated 60 percent of her liver and saved Strachan’s life.

“Events like these spreading awareness is incredible,” Strachan said. “Especially because I go to school here, so I recognize classmates, and it really shows the diversity of the events and clubs put on by the school.”