Opening right in the middle of homecoming week is Canyon Suite, three deep stories told in separate acts. All acts take place in one run-down motel room on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and all stories end up intertwined.

The first act, directed by Dr. Terry Petrie, tells the story of two unfaithful adults in the middle of an adulterous relationship. Each have their own opinion of the situation: one has found herself caught up in what’s been missing in her life; the other torn and utterly confused as to what he should do next.

The second act, directed by student Ruth Carlstrom, creatively unfolds an unexpected story before your eyes.

And the third act, directed by student Mohanri Stewart, tells the story of two couples-one young and one older-that learn from one another, upon meeting at the motel.

Seeing the theater department mature is one thing to expect from Canyon Suite The show is fairly serious, dramatic, and the stories are very adult at times. Overall, Canyon Suite is a very difficult show to perform, and yet two student directors, directing for the first time, are able to step up in the theater department’s main season.

Info box:
Canyon Suite opens in the Blackbox Theater at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 28.
Ticket info box:
What? Canyon Suite
Where? Blackbox Theater
When? 7:30 p.m. Nov. 28 through Dec. 8
Cost? $6 for students, $8 for faculty, seniors and children and $10 for general admission; Tickets are available at Campus Connection

NOTE: Luke Hickman is an active member of the crew running Canyon Suite