UV Mentor Club is hosting a bingo night for family, friends and those interested in becoming a mentor.

Mentors are master students who are involved as coaches or mentors in the CLSS 1000 student success classes. They help students to become more connected on campus and more involved in their first year experience. Mentors are required to give 10 hours a week to students, in exchange for a scholarship.

This club started for the purpose of spreading the word to those looking to become involved. Mentors meet new people, and have their schooling paid for. It’s a great opportunity to be a leader, and for experience to include on resumes. One doesn’t have to be a UV mentor to be a part of the club. It is also a place for people to ask questions about leadership opportunities, as well as have a good time and make new friends.

The UV mentor club arranges fund-raisers, activities and service projects. Currently they are raising money for a Sub-for-Santa family and supporting the food drive here on campus. The club will be hosting an activity in the Student Center for the All-Nighter coming up Jan. 31.

The club currently has four committees that any club member can be a part of or even take role as president or vice president in activities, marketing, service, or fund-raising branches. The club was started this semester of 2008. The members hope for the club to continue, and for several more students to be included. The club has an event at least once every semester and hopes to have more.

Bingo night, the club’s first activity, will take place Dec. 1, 2008 in SC 206a. The money earned will help fund a Sub-for-Santa family. The entry charge is $2 dollars at the door. There will be prizes, including restaurant gift certificates and attire from the bookstore. There will be food, music and karaoke for those daring enough to sing. The club chose bingo activity to have a good time for all ages.

If interested, come join the club, meet new people, and learn more about available scholarships.