Now that school has begun for most of us, it’s time to move on to autumn. In a few weeks I’m sure that most people will still be wearing tank tops and shorts, trying to savor the precious summer heat that will go away soon, but it’s going to be unforgivably cold once again for the year. These proud tank top-toting people will become walking meat popsicles on the sidewalk.

Then finally comes autumn. It’s my favorite season of the year. Just the right kind of cold and crispiness for my liking, [I’m part Hungarian and part Russian, so deal with it] and the trees just dazzle in a variety of color. In fact, the change of color has already begun and can be clearly seen from the Wasatch and “Y” mountains. I plan to take a couple of hikes just to see Nature in its autumn beauty and splendor, and so should you.

Autumn makes a nice transition from summer. Away with lemonade drinks and shorts, and bring on the hoodie sweaters and hot chocolate. Away with hot holidays and BBQ parties, and bring on Halloween and Thanksgiving. Away with swimming pools and bring on ski resorts.

Away with care-free summer days, and here to come, cold days after days of being cooped up inside classrooms, battling waves of homework and tests.


Kidding aside, there are also many things about Autumn that we loved to do as children and still don’t grow out of. These activities include but are not limited to jumping into leaf piles, checking out harvest markets for fresh produce, carving jack-o-lanterns, baking pumpkin pies and dressing up for Halloween. You name it and I’m sure many students feel the same as you do.

But of course, much of our time will be spent cooped up inside school. BLAH. Actually I like school just fine; at least much of the time anyway. Sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed but my dear old alarm clock just loves to deny me the pleasure of extra sleep. I think what’s crazy though is how expensive the text books are. The college bookstore is demanding that I cough up $95 just for an access code to my math E-book and homework. Yikes.