All lovers of classical music will, on April 10 and 11, have the rare opportunity to see a true artist in action. Alban Gerhardt, a German classical cellist who is noted for playing every note with passion and mindboggling perfection will be performing at Abravanel Hall this weekend.

The Berliner Morgen Post describes Gerhardt as “an artist of great conviction.” Gerhart began to play at the age of 8 and has had various teachers. However, he attributes his mentor, Markus Nyjkos, for making it possible for him to excel in his craft.

Gerhart said, “he was the most important teacher because he established a technical foundation that did not hold me back later in life.”

Gerhardt loves to perform with other musicians who do not necessarily see him as a soloist. “One of my favorite pieces has become Rachmaninoff Sonata, especially when performing with a pianist who plays with me as an equal partner as opposed to some accompanist.”

Although Gerhardt admires every musician in a symphony, he knows what kind of dedication it takes to be a part of an orchestra. At a young age, he was offered a principal role as a cellist in Berlin, but well aware of the responsibility and dedication required, he declined.

“I prefer to be a soloist and travel around the world so I can evolve in my craft as much as possible before I settle down,” he said. “I don’t consider myself better at all, even though someone quoted me as [saying so]. I consider soloists and orchestra players to be pretty much on the same level.”

He feels that soloists and ensemble members alike are dedicated to their craft and strive to do justice to the composer by playing as beautifully and accurately as possible.

Conductor Keith Lockhart will lead Gerhardt and the Utah Symphony in Dvorak’s cello concerto as part of a program that also includes Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben.

Gerhardt has played in over 160 orchestras around the world. He is a true inspiration for any aspiring musician or lover of the classics.

Where: Abravanel Hall Salt Lake City

When: April 10 and 11 at 8p.m.

Cost: $16- $51

Tickets: 801-355-ARTS or at

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Utah symphony welcomes cellist Alban Gelhardt