Pebbles and Twigs, a high-end consignment furniture store in the Riverwoods, has started a monthly tradition that strays from their stylish unique furniture.

Art students from the community have the opportunity to display their artwork at Pebbles and Twigs and compete in a “Battle of the Arts.” It is similar to “Battle of the Bands,” events where audience members vote on which band they enjoyed the most, but this time, it’s all about artwork.

The store, located in an old Banana Republic, has converted the old dressing rooms into areas used to display the student artwork. Audience members are able to view the work and vote on which one they like the best.

mail-1BWThe rooms are set up in a row and have an opening into the store on both ends. The exhibit is quick and charming.

Each artist is unique, whether they are painters, sculptors or sketch artists, and each room is as unique as the pieces. Various store items available for purchase are also displayed in the rooms.

A particularly fascinating design was that of M. Lewis Barker. He filled the room with pieces, including a drawing of a boy on nine different sticky notes.

A fan favorite was room number two, which consisted of a flying man and clouds all made of wire, hanging from the ceiling. Everything was delightful and creative.

There are truly talented artists in our midst, so don’t forget to stop by Pebbles and Twigs next month to view more beautiful creations.