Parkway Crossing

The Provo River Parkway trail is quite possibly the most popular trail in all of northern Utah. Residents of the area including UVSC students utilize a five and half mile stretch of the trail through Provo Canyon for occasional recreation and regular exercise. Every day dozens of people can be found on the trail walking, running, biking, rollerblading or longboarding.

Mormons sexposed?

It’s one in the morning. You’re alone in your room surfing the web. You stumble upon a website showcasing attractive, clean-cut young men of the Mormon faith wearing the all-too-familiar uniform of white shirts, ties and black missionary name tags. There is an image of a map with red pins pointing out where each “elder” served and labored valiantly for two consecutive years. Messages of how the missionaries worked to promote Christian ideals and serve the poor and elderly flood the screen.

Millions go to children’s benefit

The “Festival of Trees” is what Christmas is all about. The festival was inspired 37 years ago by 15 women whose purpose was to raise funds for the Primary Children’s Medical Center. Every item sold-from Christmas trees to freshly baked goods-all proceeds go to Primary Children’s Medical Center.


An exhibit of pop art icon Andy Warhol’s most well-known works are currently on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. The traveling exhibition is entitled, “Andy Warhol’s Dream America” and showcases until Jan. 6. The array of 100 screenprints hale from the collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation and include popular portfolios such as the “Marilyn Monroe,” “Mao,” and “Campbell Soup” series.

Since when did the genre need defending?

For fans of the new double-disc opus from Say Anything, In Defense of Genre, the October release date could not come fast enough. Now the album is finally up for release and it’s time to take a look at whether all the fuss surrounding this defender of genres was actually deserved.