UVU ceremonially opens intramural turf fields

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Written by Jeffrey Cook Designer @captainamazing12

Photos by Laura Fox

UVU held a ribbon cutting event Oct. 30 to officially open the brand new intramural fields.  They have been in use since September when the school’s intramural sports schedule began. They are just another development in addition to the new things happening on campus.

“The Intramural fields are the student Health and Wellness Building without walls,” said Val Peterson, vice president of Finance and Administration.

Construction of these fields began in September 2012 and took longer to build than expected.  Since the ground contains the remains of a torn down steel factory, there were some surprises.

“We were digging up the ground and hit something,” said Peterson. “We started uncovering it and found out they were old buried railroad tracks that were going right down where we wanted the field to be.

The field’s area covers about 10 acres of land and has four full-sized soccer fields.  There has been a rumor that these fields will only be for intramurals sports for a short while until they are taken over by the school’s NCAA sports programs.

“The Intramural fields will always be primarily for intramurals,” said Peterson.

He did state, however, that since the intramural games don’t start until the late afternoon, the university’s teams will be able to use the fields in the morning.

“This really is for the students,” said Jono Andrews, student body president.

They are located where Geneva Steel used to be, and can be seen from the freeway.  For many, the fields are a diamond in the rough.

“The first time I drove to the fields I thought I was lost, but then I saw some lights and went to them,” said James Tidwell, a student at UVU. “When I arrived I was amazed with how nice they were and how terrible the land around it was.”

Students are excited to be able to play on these fields.


“I love that now my school has amazing fields that I can go play flag football on,” said Ben Roush, a UVU student.

Intramurals at UVU include various different sports that all take place on the new fields.  The recreational athletic competitions run year round.  To become informed on all of the sports and games offered more information can be found on the UVU intramurals Facebook page.

This is one of many projects that will happen in the region previously occupied by Geneva Steel.  There won’t be any additional fields, but Peterson called the turf playing surface the “first of many projects.”

UVU owns 100 acres and is looking to acquire 125 more.  The town of Vineyard also has a lot of plans for the land around to develop the land.

The fields provides a large venue for the intramural events, which can be excellent way for students, whether they are athletes or not, to get exercise by actively participating in the games.

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