Trent Bates

What is your major? Concentration?
I am graduating with my Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography.

What has been your most memorable moment at UVU?
The day I first met the woman that would eventually say “Yes!” to my proposal for marriage. (She’s in my department)

Biggest achievement?
Through my work and experience working as the Photo editor at the school newspaper, I have had the opportunity to teach classes on photo editing at national conferences in New York City for College Media Advisors.

What are your plans following graduation?
Sleep, lots and lots of sleep. I figure that I have about 6 weeks of lost sleep accumulated after these last 4 years. This winter I am planning on applying to Grad school to obtain an M.F.A. so I can, hopefully, teach at the University level.

What will you miss about UVU?
I work on campus in the Photo lab and so I spend most of my days here at UVU. I will miss the art department. Staying up all night at the school working on projects for that next morning’s class. I’ve loved this school.

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