Thrilling Love

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We all define love differently. For some it’s the feeling they get when they see their children happy and healthy, for others it’s a fluttering stomach and blushing cheeks. My best Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.06.23 PMdefinition of love comes from a philosopher I admire, Ayn Rand. She described love as, “our response to our highest values.” To me love is an upward glance, a feeling of admiration, affection, and respect. We will each learn our own lessons about love throughout our lives. We will learn to love and be loved, and through these experiences we will learn to define love in our own way. These pages of HEX contain a small collection of thoughts on love, and how to celebrate it on its special day. I hope you find our issue enlightening and that you learn a little something about love
during your Valentine’s Day.

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