The need for course fees

Course fees give students access to expensive equipment.


Students who take courses within many of the departments located in the Computer Science building pay a $35 lab fee for each class. This pays for many things, such as computers in the labs. Many students are not aware of what this goes toward.


Kevin Young is the Area Information Technology Director for IT Support Services on campus and many students question the lab fee given.


“When students pay a $35 course fee, they say to me, ‘Well, what am I getting for my $35?’” Young said. “ ‘Why do I pay for this if I have a lap top?’”


He responds to these students by explaining all of the technology costs in the department. “The course
fees cover many things such as switches, wiring computers, projectors and software,” he said.


It’s easy to overlook many of the costs involved in these classes. A single light for a projector costs $900. The department also buys software subscriptions. Students can take advantage of these subscriptions the moment classes are taken. $4,400 is spent for these subscriptions each year.


Any student enrolled in an Information Systems and Technology, Digital Media, Computer Science or Technology Management class, are eligible to download 158 titles for free. Many are Microsoft programs, and 7000 students are in one of these programs.


“Most students [within the program] are aware,” Young said. “They love it.”


Students can keep any software they download, even after their course is over, but it is not for
professional use, but student use only.


By Kevin Young
Area Information Technology Director 

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