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“The Name of the Wind”

by Patrick Rothfuss



Summary: Kelly Harrington typically sticks to non-fiction. She tends to hate sci-fi and adventure books. But when her best friend recommended “The Name of the Wind,” a fantasy book definitely outside of Harrington’s comfort zone, she decided to give it a chance and find out why her friend found it so appealing.


Perhaps to the detriment of her grades, Harrington was hooked. She said when it came to choosing to read the book or do homework, she chose the book.


The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss is the first in a trilogy called the Kingkiller Chronicles. Unfolding the unusual life of Kvothe, a man whose legacy has become the stuff of tales both grand and terrible, the book presents a thrilling and mysterious adventure. From childhood in a troupe of traveling players to orphan life in a city and finally on to studying at a famed but atypical university, Kvothe’s story incorporates magic, demons, music, love, loss and the essence of legend.


Keely’s Words: “The writing technique of the author is really intriguing. The characters seem real but also mysterious.”


“The [main] character has gone through so many hardships and he’s ‘genius-smart.’ He still fumbles but he makes it through. He takes risks and is independent. It’s fun to get wrapped up in that character.”


“There’s a whole psychology element behind [the book], too.”


“[The book] takes you out of this world but into a reality that you can relate to. Sometimes it seems like the 1600s mixed with modern [times] mixed with dreams into one environment.”


“You’ve got to read the book. Will you please read it!”


By Sierra Wilson

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