aims at young voters

Looking for the latest scoop on a presidential candidate? Look no further than

Looking for the latest scoop on a presidential candidate? Look no further than

Currently the Web site, aiming to be the "first-ever daily national newspaper," boasts more than 400 student writers and has a stellar list of big-name advisers guiding its unfolding development.

These advisers range from the senior editor of Newsweek, Jonathan Alter, to a former U.S. Senator, Al Simpson. Even Yul Kwon, a recent winner of Survivor, is listed as a member of the advisory board.

The site is currently still recruiting writers and other contributors and has yet to publish any articles, though it is expected to quite soon.

Judging from the supporters and structure, however, Scoop ’08 will undoubtedly add another dynamic element to how the Internet is transforming the political landscape.

Scoop ’08 is primarily aimed at a younger audience and will be entirely operated and written by high school and college students.

Historically, young people tend to be one of the least active groups when it comes to making a show at the polls, but Scoop ’08 hopes that its unconventional coverage will change that.

Straying from traditional "horse-race" coverage, Scoop will expose and investigate candidates on a whole spectrum of categories.

There are sections dedicated to art and culture, technology, fashion, and sports — things that are unlikely to be mentioned much in most mainstream media outlets.

Of course, coverage wouldn’t be complete without looking into common campaign issues, such as international conflicts, ethics and economics, which Scoop ’08 hopes to tackle as well.

One of Scoop’s most interesting features is the coverage it will provide for less-common and lesser-known alternative parties.

Libertarians, Socialists and Constitutionalists rarely ever receive notice by major media and have, consequently, been unable to generate any sort of a movement against the entrenched two-party system.

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