Hoagies with Holland

The name has changed a few times over the past several years, with the different people in the presidencies at UVU, but the basic idea has remained the same, eat food and listen to plans about the budget.

“Hoagies with Holland” is the most recent installment of the Planning, Budgeting and Accountability process to end the school year and take a look into the next. It is the capstone of what has been done and the building block for what will be done with the budget.

The event is a chance for students and anyone else that wants to be involved, to receive a very transparent look into where the school’s finances are headed and give them a chance to get some free food while doing so.

The event will be on Thursday April 21 at noon, in the Grande Ballroom. It will start with the food after which President Holland will give a presentation on the PBA cycle.

Holland will be in China until just before the event, but he did give his comments through e-mail.

“It’s one of the major touch points I have with the campus community and something I very much look forward to every year,” Holland said. “It’s a way to engage the entire campus in the budgeting process and to do so in a more informal and inviting setting. Speaking of the PBA process generally, what the process lacks in simplicity, it makes up for in openness, collaboration and transparency, which is what the process is founded on.”

Linda Makin, the chief officer of planning, budget and policy, said that it is especially important to talk about the budget by looking at the positives that are happening when faced with looming budget cuts. It’s a chance to talk about the how many people the university can hire and to look forward while facing problems.

The previous presentations are available on the UVU website with full video of the speeches. There is also a list of the items on the PBA cycle agendas from the previous year.

The presentation has been around since 2004 when it started with President Sederberg as “Sandwiches with Sederberg,” then changed to “Pizza with the President” and “Lunch with Liz.”

Hoagies with Holland offers a chance for food and some enlightenment on the budget, but if Holland could get away with it, it may be called something else.

“I’m actually a sucker for a good sloppy Joe, but it doesn’t rhyme with Holland,” he said.

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  1. I was just kicked out because I am not an employee. You lied about it being for students or anyone who wants to be involved. I showed them this article and they laughed I’m my face.

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