The art of performing

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Pulse offered students a chance to express their love of perfo- rming. Ai Mitton/UVU Review

The university’s third annual student concert, Pulse 2011, was a classic evening full of music, dance, art and theater. Held in the Ragan Theater on Feb. 18, audience members had the opportunity to see many talented students shine. The show gave the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of everything, from dancing such as ballet and hip-hop, to performing Shakespeare, to string and woodwind ensembles to jazz band and more.

One highlight of the show was the ballet performances. The dancers proved just how graceful and skilled they are. Student Sara Sorenson said she was stunned by the beauty of the performance.

Another highlight was the jazz band. Audience members all around were very into the upbeat music, judging by the tapping of fingers and swaying of heads all around.

A musical excerpt from Oklahoma!, which was recently put on by the Theatre department, was also part of the show. The audience enjoyed this as well, laughing through the comical performance.

The finale of the show, “The Freedom of Art,” was a combination of all the acts together, showing how art is a form of expression and is used in so much of our daily lives. The way everyone’s talents were mixed into one piece for the finale was quite spectacular and had a specific way of showing how each area of the arts is expressed.

Altogether, Pulse left audience members feeling refreshed from the good entertainment and with an increased appreciation for each of the arts. Be sure not to miss upcoming events where the students of the arts are involved, most of which are on campus. They are sure to inspire.

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