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In response to Andy Sherwin’s “Palin: pining for a signing”

Andy, a “gargantuan jug of salsa for the chip on your shoulder” is exactly what you need to help straighten out your political thinking. I’m not suggesting that Sarah Palin is the BEST candidate to oppose the current president; but, compared to Obama, she (or nearly ANYONE else) would be better for America than he.

Unless, of course, you and those of your persuasion would prefer the headlong decline of the U.S. as a bastion of democracy, a paragon of individual rights, an unparalleled champion of “freedom of speech” (which obviously Obama would like to crush), and a proven system of capitalism (which Obama also would like to “change”), or perhaps you would be happier living in Venezuela, Cuba, China, or Russia—where the above privileges aren’t quite available.

Palin might not meet YOUR criteria for executive experience; but, at least she isn’t surrounded by Mao-, Chavez-, and Castro-loving left-wing socialists/communists—as is OUR current exalted leader.

Floyd Armstrong
Adjunct Faculty
Behavioral Sciences

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