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What people fail to realize with news sources like Fox News, and MSNBC, is that they are not really news networks, and the people working there are not necessarily  journalist. These networks would be more appropriately termed news commentary or news entertainment, sense they rarely report on stories that they have put together, but merely comment or re-brand stories that other journalist have put together from other news organizations. There is plenty of quality balanced news out there for consumers (ABC world news, CNN, NPR, PRI, PBS, BBC, USA Today, The New York Times, ECT.). People watch news commentary because they like to be reaffirmed of their convictions by listening to people that they already agree with. It is much harder for people to listen to a news source that may at times presents a story or a piece of information that is contrary to their belief. The problem is not that people are being fed bad news, but rather the problem is that people are often too weak to challenge their beliefs.



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